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The #1 place to learn how to build stunning web pages using RapidWeaver and Stacks.

How it works


We offer a range of video courses, workbooks and other learning resources!

All resources are hosted right here on the Shaking the Habitual Academy - our RapidWeaver/Stacks-built Learning Management System (LMS)!

Our custom-built solution provides you with everything that you would expect from an LMS in terms of bookmarking your progress and tracking your module completion status. We also provide a 'dashboard' view to give you quick access to all of your courses!

What will I learn?


Learn about web design

In the courses and projects we cover how to build modern, responsive web sites that are firmly focussed on being lightweight, well-optimised and fit for the modern web.

In some areas we also use some code snippets giving you a useful introduction into coding with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Learn about RapidWeaver and Stacks

Our courses also cover the use (and best practices) of using RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin.

Learn about graphic design

Our projects and courses also make use of different graphics (e.g. images and SVG icons etc) and, where required, we look at the creation and manipulation of these to suit our projects and web pages.

...and much more!


Dont just take our word for it...

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Lifetime access (and no subscriptions)!

Fan of subscriptions? No - neither are we!

That's why all courses on our Academy give you lifetime access for a one-off low price! That's right, you can refer back to a course years from now without having to pay a monthly or yearly fee to maintain access rights.


The Academy is run by Shaking the Habitual and offers a catalogue of projects and courses that are intended to be used as tools to help you get the most out of RapidWeaver and Stacks. The finished projects and course projects can of course be used as starting points for your own (or your client's) web pages too!

The only requirements are that you have RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin. If there are additional requirements then these will be stated in the details section of the course or project. We try to use freely available stacks wherever possible.

We use Source 'micro' framework as the base for all of our courses and projects. The core set of Source stacks are completely free and this makes it an ideal starting point for our courses. To get the most out of the courses though the (very cheap) add-on pack is recommended.

Even if Source is not your framework of choice, you would still get a lot out of these courses in terms of design, workflow and concepts. These can all be applied to many of the other frameworks available.

Yes - please do! We aim to please and so if there are particular areas / design concepts / stacks that you would like to see covered in our courses then please get in touch and let us know.

Ready to take your RapidWeaver / Stacks projects to the next level?