Source Workbook

A whole new way to learn about using a framework to build websites with RapidWeaver and Stacks!

What is included?


Setup advice

Learn how to set up RapidWeaver, Stacks and Source for the best web design workflow!


Reference manual

Every setting in every Source stack is fully described


Detailed tutorials and challenges

Learn how to create all kinds of sections and layouts - from basic right through to advanced! You can check out the currently available ones via the 'Previews' menu item (these will be continually added to!).


Learn advanced usage

Learn all about using our powerful CSS Grid layout stacks and how to take your designs to another level with our Coder and Classes stacks


Going beyond the design

Learn how to have your pages perform well in terms of speed and SEO

Note: Some of the content mentioned here is not yet available in the Early Bird release (see below for more information).

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Well over 200 pages have already been written and you can see exactly what else we have planned via the 'What is included' FAQ.


The workbook is for anyone that wants to learn how to build web sites using a framework (within RapidWeaver and Stacks).

No matter if you are new to Source (the 'micro' framework at the heart of this), are fairly familiar with it or are an expert with it - you will find things in the Workbook that will help take your web design projects to the next level.

The Workbook is mostly complete though the plan is to add some additional chapters. What is included already has everything you need to learn about all of the stacks and how to use them together to build out stunning pages with RapidWeaver / Stacks.

The following chapters are available currently:

  • Setup: Overview of setting up RapidWeaver, Stacks and Source for the best possible workflow
  • Source: Stacks and Settings: Detailed information about every Source stack and setting
  • Projects - Introduction and Setup: Introduction to how the projects work and the setting up of the 'styling' stacks that will be used
  • Projects 1 - Fundamentals: Introductory level projects and tutorials to learn the basics and key concepts
  • Projects 2 - Layouts with Grid Plus Pro: Medium level projects and tutorials to look mainly at using our powerful Grid Plus stacks

These chapters are in development / planned:

  • Projects 3 - Coder and CSS: Advanced level projects and tutorials to take more control of the design and coding yourself
  • Going beyond the design: A look at optimisations we can make for better performance and SEO
  • Making the site live: Information about getting your site published and available

These are subject to change.

Even after v1 is finalised the Workbook will continue to grow and develop - with new projects and information being regularly added.

In addition, any significant changes to Source stacks / settings will also be reflected in future versions.

All updates will be made freely available to all purchasers.

To follow along with the workbook all you need is:

  • RapidWeaver (available for purchase or via Setapp)
  • Stacks plugin
  • Source and Source Addon stacks

All of the resources (images, icons etc) that are used throughout the workbook are provided as a download.

The Source Workbook will be available in PDF format and has been specifically designed for reading on a computer. The workbook will be updated regularly (especially in the early days) meaning that digital access will always provide you with the most recently available version.

Once the Workbook has been fully established and reaches a fairly stable state then, depending on demand, a hard copy version may be made available.